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What's New
06.2018- BESA-24G released in fully graphical display.
01.2018 - BESA-24PM released with Voltmeter, Normal/Smart Alternator, customizable header and provision for barcode scanner.

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Model: BESA-24PM (Printer built-in)
Application: 12V, Starting Battery
Display: Text/ Language

Number of Tests:
1. Battery Test -12V (Good/Recharge/Replace, Volt, CCA, mOhm, Life %)
2. Grounding Test - 12V
3. Starter Test - 12/24V
4. Alternator Test - 12/24V (Normal or Smart Alternator) + Diode Ripple

Test Report: Integrated Printer + PC Link (via USB cable)
Memory: Stores 47 last tests
Packaging: Blow mold carry case
Available Language: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Dutch, Swedish & Finnish (Max. 10 languages)

BESA-24PM with Integrated Printer 

Model: GPA-12
Application: Multi-Voltage
Test Results: Open Circuit, Shorted, OK, High Resistance, Bad Resistance
Display: 1.8 inch backlit LCD
Language: Fully Graphic Display without language
Packaging: PP BOX

Glow Plug Analyser 


This Auto Test Aid (ATA-112) turns your testing and measuring devices into a powerful automotive diagnostic tool for fault finding the increasing number of sensors, actuators and electronic circuits found on today's vehicles.

The set contains 112 pieces of all essential test aids packed in EVA light weight carry case (1.74kg) needed for tracing, checking, capturing, or fixing complex vehicle circuitry. It's a valuable test aid for car electrician.

Auto Test Aid 

This Sensor / ECU Test Aid (SETA) comprises of various set of wired terminals and connectors ready for connection. It is very useful for the auto electrician to gather, capture data and signal during testing of sensors and simulating of voltages and resistance during diagnosing of the car ECU.

Some typical applications:
- For repair and diagnosis of sensors and ECU.
- For easy measurement and testing of injectors pulse.
- For simulation of voltage and resistance signals
- For Airbag or SRS imitation

Sensor / ECU Test Aid 


This OBD Link Connector (OLC) performs several tasks:

1. Test OBD2 port before plug in scan tool
2. Monitor voltage during ECU reflash programming
3. Detect communication protocol and monitor data stream
4. Function as Break Out Box (Example: For resetting of blink code during diagnosis)
5. Check Alternator charging conditions
6. As data saver while replacing car battery
7. As DC power source for other devices that need external power (up to 5 amps.)

It is suitable to use on truck (24V) or car (12V)

OBD Link Connector 

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