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Smart OBD-II Diagnostic Box


The Smart OBD-II Diagnostic Box (SODB) is a perfect partner to scan tools, code readers, monitor readers or data loggers. It automatically checks any abnormality on OBD2 port caused by shorting (i.e Pin 16 Power shorted to Ground), reverse polarity and any other abnormalities that will occur and detects the type of communication protocol used in the system.


        ·        12V/24V compatible

        ·        Display Voltage - detect the incoming voltage. Monitor Voltage During Reflash Programming

        ·              Detects Communication Protocol - whether PWM J1850, VPW (J1850), ISO 9141-2, DIS/ISO 14230-4, or CAN bus (J-2284)

        ·        Monitor Data Stream - LED illumination on respective pins

        ·               Check Alternator Condition - quick reference check of voltage charge during idling and high RPM conditions.

        ·        DC Power Source - can be used as a power source for other devices that need external power (up to 5 amps).


        ·        Automatic Pin Test - automatically checks any abnormality on the OBD2 port caused by shorting, reverse polarity, and any other abnormalities

        ·        Voltage Low Alarm Beeps - detected voltage below 11.9V for 12V battery and 23.8V for 24V battery.

        ·        Voltage High Alarm Beeps - detect high charge voltage of 15V for 12V battery and 30V for 24V battery.

         ·               OBD Memory Savermaintain power supply to ECU (for saving data) when replacing a weak car battery.


        ·              4mm Banana Sockets - compatible to lab scopes, multimeter, logic probes, test lights, to read the voltage, resistance, frequency, pulse width, or duty cycle.

        ·             1.5m Data Link Connector


        ·        Data Saver cable

        ·        Y Cable