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ECU Memory Saver


This ECU Memory Saver (EMS) is specially designed to "keep alive" vehicle electronics memory-based systems settings such as clock time, radio channel, seat memory, steering column position, dashboard information etc, when performing battery replacement.

This prevents the vehicle ECU for reset which is costly and time consuming and eliminate the hassle of returning to previous settings.

Exclusive Invention

1. Internal battery - the unit comes with 12V lithium battery as main power source. We are the only one in the world using Lithium as internal battery

It provides sufficient power to the ECU during battery replacement, so an external battery is just an option.


Other testers connect to external 12V battery or built with internal lead acid battery which is bulky or plug to cigarette lighter of opposite car.


    2. Amps display- indicate the amps draw detected in the car


3. It has an option to operate with its Internal replaceable 12V Lithium Rechargeable Battery or with an external 12V vehicle battery if the internal battery is weak by just selecting on the 3-option switch to change over.

a) I = Internal Battery

 Switch the button to “I” to get power from internal 12Vdc Li-ion battery. 


b) II = External Battery

*Use the battery clamp connect to external 12V battery and switch the button to “II” to get power from the battery


c) O = OFF

*Place the switch position in the middle and the device will be in off state

Unique Features / Application

1. Re-chargeable 12V Lithium battery (charger provided)


2. > 4.0A indicator LED - lights up when detected Amp draw is more than 4.0A, the power to OBD2 will cut OFF.


3. < 12.0 indicator LED- will blink and alarm will sound if voltage is less than 12.0V. The power will cut off from ECU Memory Saver to DLC if the voltage drops from 12.0 V to 11.0


4. Compact size OBD2 connector – the slim OBD connector design allows to plug on all cars OBD2 Diagnostic Link Connector port


6. Current leak provision - if there is current leak in the car, the battery clamp can be used to connect external battery as alternative power supply. 


Test Functions


The purpose of this ECU Memory Saver (EMS) are:                               

1. To keep the ECU memory alive during replacement of the car battery where there is a break in power supply during the replacement process. The consequences of memory loss will result in sluggish engine performance where in some cases a diagnostic scanner is needed to retune it back to its operating state.    


 2. To check any electrical components that draw more than 4 Amps before battery replacement to avoid sudden power loss.



Operating Voltage            :             9V ~ 15V DC (max)

DC Volts Accuracy           :            ± 1% Reading

Internal battery                 :             12VDC Li-ion Battery (2000mAh) Re-chargeable

Safety                               :             Reverse polarity protected. 

Working Temperature       :             0ºC (32°F) ~ 50ºC (122°F)

Working Humidity             :             10% ~ 80 %