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ECU Memory Saver



        ·        Amp Display - check the amp draw in the vehicle OBD Diagnostic Link Connector and if the amp draw is more than 4 amps you should not proceed to replace the vehicle battery because there will be not enough power output from ECU Memory Saver to back up the vehicle ECU memory; if this is the case, check the vehicle OBD2 port for oxidized or loose connection terminals, and the wirings from the ECU.


        ·       Volt display– will show voltage (V) of the external battery before plugin the Memory Saver to the vehicle OBD port

        ·        Power Supply – through an external power source, it functions to sustain the power to the OBD Bus Network when replacing a weak battery

        ·       Low voltage indicator-  if the Battery Voltage is less than 12.0V, the RED LED < 12V will blink and the buzzer alarm will sound.  

        ·       Green LED [OK] - when plugged into the OBD2 connector, the ECU Memory Saver will check and GREEN LED [OK] will turn ON: 1. If the connection is OK, 2. the current (Amp) draw detected is less than 4.0A