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OBDII Link Tester

Our innovative OBDII Link Tester comes with diagnostic break-out boxes and CAN Network testers which can expedite maintenance, and streamline the troubleshooting process at the system, subsystem, and component-level by simplifying the access to test ECU signals.

These OBD2 Link Testers and CAN Network Testers are microprocessor-controlled base which are able to detect communication protocols and determine battery condition that support ECU programming, updates and reflashing and facilitates connection to other equipments such as oscilloscope, multi-meter, probe and etc. for troubleshooting purposes. The CAN Network Testers can detect CAN Hi and CAN Low voltages, determine CAN bus network termination resistance and circuit integrity conditions. Also it caters for truck DLC connection with Deustch 6 or 9 pins plug adaptors.