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06.2018- BESA-24G released in fully graphical display.
01.2018 - BESA-24PM released with Voltmeter, Normal/Smart Alternator, customizable header and provision for barcode scanner.

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Product Name : Automotive Multi Meter
Model : AMM
Application : 6V, 12V, 24V

Number of tests:
1. Amp draw measurement on Mini, ATC & Maxi automotive fuses (A)
2. Volts measurement (V)
3. Cranking volt test
4. Ohm measurement (Ohm)
5. Frequency measurement (Hz)
6. Duty cycle measurement (%)
7. Circuit continuity test
8. Diode test
9. LED test

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Product Name : CAN Bus Circuit Tester
Model : CBCT
Display Screen : LED indicators

1. Test vehicle Diagnostic Link Connector (DLC) before plug-in diagnostic tools (scanner) into the DLC.
2. Display live communicating signals
3. Provides quick access to all the 16 pin connections during repair and diagnosis of the vehicle.
4. Monitor the input voltage during chip programming with LOW voltage alarm.
5. Test individual pin for voltage present.

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Product Name : Fuse Amp Tester
Model : FAT-35
Display Screen : LCD, LED indicators

- works as a Short Circuit Tester
- tests the Amperage draw of the circuit and display measured Amps draw
- its indicator LEDs tell the Amp draw condition of the circuit:
* OK (+0% to +10%)
* High Draw (+11% to +19%)
* Over Limit (over +20%)

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Product Name: Active Probe
Application: 12V
Display Screen: LCD

Number of Tests:
1.DC Volts Measurement
2.ECU wire Test with simulated output voltages.
3.Dynamic DC Output for electrical component tests e.g. Radiator Fan, Wiper motors, Power windows, Sensors, etc.
4.Relay Function Test.

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Product Name : Battery Monitor
Model : BatM
Application : 12V,24V

Features :
Immediate monitoring of Battery voltage, Starter
cranking and Alternator charging.

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Product Name: Fuse Box Test Aid

A set of test aid for the automotive fuse box.
Comes with Mini, ATC and Maxi adapter for cars and trucks.

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Product Name: OBD Volt Cable
Model: V. Cable
Application: 12V, 24V

1 meter OBD extension cable comes with
1.Live Voltage meter on OBD Female connector
2.LED Guide Lamp on OBD Male connector.

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Model: SCIL
Application: Use for locating and isolating shorted circuit of wiring harnesses in the vehicle.

1.50W Halogen bulb
2.Equipped with 2 female banana sockets (red and black) output
3.Normally Open (N.O.) push button switch
4.Magnetic base which stick to any iron based material and will not fall easily.
5.Lamp can be manually panned and tilted from 0 deg. to 270 deg. to suit your angle of display.

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Model: GPA-12
Application: Multi-Voltage
Test Results: Open Circuit, Shorted, OK, High Resistance, Bad Resistance
Display: 1.8 inch backlit LCD
Language: Fully Graphic Display without language
Packaging: PP BOX

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Product Name: Hook Piercer
Model: PierZ

1.Pierce through wire without breaking the insulator.
2.Self centering piercing needle for perfect pierce through in order to establish metal contact even with small diameter wires.
3.Quick and Easy reach for obstructed areas where the wires & circuits located.
4.Provision for tools manufacturer to build their own testing circuits inside the device.

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