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ECU Diagnostic Box


The ECU Diagnostic Box is a versatile CAN Bus tester that determines the physical integrity of a CAN Bus by checking its low (CAN-L) and high (CAN-H) line voltages. One of its advantage is its ability to check any abnormality on the vehicle DLC (shorting and reverse polarity) thus preventing any damage of scan tools.



         ·             12V/24V compatible

        ·        Display Voltage - detect the incoming voltage. Monitor Voltage During Reflash Programming

        ·        LED Signal Display - ECU signal voltages trigger the LEDs to light up.

        ·        Detects Communication Protocol - whether PWM J1850, VPW (J1850), ISO 9141-2, DIS/ISO 14230-4, or CAN bus (J-2284)


        ·        Automatic Pin Test - automatically checks any abnormality on the OBD2 port caused by shorting, reverse polarity, and other abnormalities

        ·        Checks alternator condition - quick reference check of voltage charge during idling and high RPM conditions

        ·        Monitors data stream


        ·        2mm Banana Sockets - compatible to lab scopes, multimeter, logic probes, and test lights, etc. 

         ·            1.5m Data Link Connector


        ·        Data Saver Cable

        ·        OBD Y Cable